Why you should get a semi frameless shower screen

by Margaret

Thinking of adding value and beauty to your bathroom? Well, if you are reading about semi-frameless shower screens with this goal in mind, then you have most definitely taken a huge step in the right direction.

What other semi-frameless shower screen designs do we have? What exactly do we mean by “wall to wall”? How much more expensive is the semi-frameless shower screen wall to wall set-up compared to other designs? But most importantly, what makes the semi-frameless shower screen different from other forms of shower screens? All these will be considered during this article.

What Makes the Semi Frameless Shower Screen so Unique?

The semi-frameless shower screen wall to wall is so unique because it could be said to offer the best parts of the other two types of shower screens. The framed shower screen is affordable alright, but it could also be described as being quite dated by some. So if you are looking to glamour up your bathroom, the framed shower might not be the best option. While the frameless shower screen is awesome and cool, it is also a bit pricey. So if you are on a budget, the frameless shower screen might not be the most viable choice.

Now the semi-frameless shower screen, on the other hand, is not so pricey. So it scores a win over the frameless shower screen in the financial aspect. But at the same time, it is far more sleek and trendy compared to the framed shower screen. Another win for the semi-frameless shower screen.

Available Semi Frameless Shower Screen Designs

There are numerous designs for the semi-frameless shower screens. All of these designs are unique in their way. So if you are looking to remodel, you will find the right fit. You just need to have a trusted source.

There could be differences based on how the door opens:

a. Pivot Doors

b. Sliding Doors

The glass offers a wide range of options:

i. Colour of glass

ii. Thickness of glass

iii. Inlaid patterns, etc.

But for this article we focus on the differences in general shape:

1. Wall to wall design

2. L Shaped design

3. Curved design, etc.

About the Semi Frameless Shower Screen Wall to Wall Design

The wall to wall design means just that. The sides of the semi-frameless shower are directly attached to a wall. So the shower could be said to be located in between two walls. The size of this shower design could vary widely. It all depends on how much space is available to be filled.

Speaking of affordability, it is not much different from any other semi-frameless shower screen. But custom jobs would be more expensive.


Now you understand why the wall to wall design is so unique. With it, you have the best parts of both the framed and the frameless shower design. All wrapped up in one exquisite design that adds even more beauty to your bathroom.

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