What Garden Hose Reel Is Best for Your Needs?

by Margaret

A garden hose reel is an important purchase for any homeowner. They are a great space-saving way to store your garden hose. The reel is shaped like a wheel and has a crank that you use to reel in the garden hose for storage. You no longer have to worry about anyone tripping on it while it is not being used!

When you check online, you may see that you have different types of hose reels to choose from. So, how can you tell which one is best for your needs?

Garden hose reel types

Wall-mounted garden hose reel

This is probably the most popular type of garden hose reel in the market because it is the best option for small spaces. The fact that they are mounted on the wall means they occupy less space while in storage. The wall-mounted type is easy to install. Ideally, you mount it on a wall near the water source.

Freestanding garden hose reel

This is best if you have a large garden or backyard or if you are using the garden hose reel for commercial purposes. As the name puts it, this reel can stand on its own so you set it on the ground when in use. The freestanding garden hose reel comes with wheels so that you can easily transfer it and move it around.

Manual hand crank garden hose reel

This is the type of hose reel where you need to reel in the hose manually with a manual crank bar. Because you have to exert some effort to reel the garden hose when you store it, this is best if your garden hose has a small length.

Piston-driven garden hose reel

This is the type of garden hose reel that automatically pulls in the garden hose through a spring load system. This is best if the length of the hose is long or if you do not want to exert some effort when you stow away the garden hose.


Some models come in combination. For instance, a free-standing garden hose reel can be manual hand or piston-driven. The same can be said for wall-mounted retractable garden hose reels. These models give you the best of both types to make your outdoor cleaning tasks easier for you and are usually worth the price.

Purchase your garden hose reel now

A garden hose reel is the best way to ensure that your garden hose will last a lifetime through proper storage. As you can see from above, there are different types of garden hose reels to choose from! Consider what you will be using the garden hose for, the size of the area you will be working on, and the storage space you have available to pick out the best type of garden hose reel for you and your home.

You can order one online and have them delivered through the USPS or other carriers! Once you have your pick, all you have to do is choose a reputable merchant online and have the product shipped to you!

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