What kind of kaleidoscope should you get for your kids?

by Margaret

Kaleidoscopes are optical devices that consist of several tiny mirrors which reflect a patterned color view from bits of colored glasses at the other end of a tube. The kaleidoscope has two or more reflecting surfaces that are tilted at different angles. By rotating the part of the instrument containing the loose colored fragment, you can change the design you are looking at.

The Kaleidoscope was invented in the 1800s by Sir David Brewster while he was experimenting on light polarization. They were initially sold as toys for kids but over time, they were produced as a pattern designer.

Kaleidoscopes are excellent gifts for kids around you. You might even want to have one as an adult. It’s a great view when you are tired of looking at your immediate environment and you need to give your eyes a break. Although most kaleidoscopes function similarly, they are uniquely designed. Kaleidoscopes with a simple cylindrical design are perfect for kids. Adults will want something more sophisticated.

This article will be reviewing kaleidoscopes that are more suited for children.

Kaleidoscopes suited for children

There are several types of kaleidoscopes but there are some that are more appropriate for children. They are usually very simple and the outlook quite colorful and attractive to kids. Some of them include,

1. iKeelo classic tin kaleidoscope

The iKeelo classic tin kaleidoscope is about 7inches long and very appropriate for kids over three years of age. When the barrel is rotated, it reveals several colors and patterns as well as little animals and sea creatures. This is very fascinating for young ones and a great view to look at. Its plastic lens and tin body make it very durable.

2. Spadorive Magic Kaleidoscope

This kaleidoscope is made from plastic. Its exterior has astrological illustrations while the interior lens has a basic geometric pattern. It is about 7 inches long. To change the patterns, you have to rotate the end cap. The spadorive magic kaleidoscope often comecomes3-pack, so you can give some to your kids and have one for yourself.

3. Schylling classic tin kaleidoscope

The tin structure of the schyllic classic kaleidoscope makes it more durable than most plastic and cardboard products. This makes it quite durable as it resists wear and tear. The classic kaleidoscope has a vintage look and its mosaic gives kids a nostalgic feeling. Multicolored beads added to the colored fragments a unique design that is fun to watch.

4. Mseeur magic kaleidoscope

This kaleidoscope is a great travel buddy for kids. Its illustrations are travel-themed. They can spark up a child’s imagination hence it’s called magical. It is lightweight and can be carried around.

5. Liquid kaleidoscope tube

This liquid kaleidoscope is great for kids, teenagers, and adults. Anyone with a flair for light and patterns will find this kaleidoscope quite interesting. Liquid kaleidoscopes come with plastic wands that are inserted in water. The wands are filled with glittery oily flakes. This makes the images evolve slowly and sparkles in the light.


Kaleidoscopes can be a fun instrument for kids and adults alike. Whenever you need to see something magical, try looking into a kaleidoscope.

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