How High and Wide Should Your Bathroom Mirror Be?

by Margaret

A bathroom without a mirror in it makes the bathroom lifeless. You will definitely rush to get out of there and the worst thing is you will not be able to check yourself if you look alright before stepping out of the bathroom. Bathroom mirrors play an important role in our grooming rituals like shaving, hair styling, applying skincare products, applying makeup, and many more. Because of this, it is not only important that you get a high-quality mirror but also one that is just the right size for your bathroom.

Here is a quick and short guide to help you choose the right bathroom mirror.

Check your vanity’s length

Your vanity includes the sink and its countertops. Interior designers often choose mirrors that are about two to four inches narrower than the length of the vanity if you want to fill the wall. If you have a small bathroom and do not have a vanity, you can use the sink as the point where to place the mirror. For cases like this, the width of the mirror is just as long as the sink basin.

Measure your wall

Take note of the height of the wall where you will be hanging your mirror from the ceiling to the countertop or sink. The general rule is that the mirror should be hanged a few inches from the sink so that water splashes won’t easily reach the mirror when you use the sink. You should also consider the height of the occupants in your house when it comes to choosing the length of your mirror or how high you should hang it. The general rule is that the mirror should be a foot above the eye line of the people using it.

Choosing a mirror shape

Bathroom mirrors come in different shapes. Aside from the traditional rectangle and oval, there are now mirrors that come in different abstract forms. You can even have them custom made or built into the wall. You can choose any shape you want there is really no wrong way to go with this – as long as your face is fully reflected in the mirror then you’re good.

Think of lighting

If you want a lot of natural lighting, your mirror should be opposite the bathroom window. If this is not possible, then you will have to install a light source above the mirror. The color of your bathroom walls will also affect the lighting you get in your mirror. Generally, white is the easiest color to work with.

Should you get a frame?

Frameless mirrors are becoming a trend but they are best suited for modern, minimalist, and contemporary homes. Framed mirrors are better suited for traditional homes. Choose frames that are not so busy – plain and simple ones are the best so that they can blend in easily with your bathroom wall.

When choosing a mirror, do not just think of its function. You should also think of proportion. Everything must be relative to the size of your bathroom and your vanity. With the right sized bathroom mirror, getting ready after your bath will be easy and breezy.

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