Barbershop Supplies You Need For Your Barbershop

by Margaret

If you are planning to open a barbershop, we begin this post by saying a big congratulations to you! Starting a new business is not an easy feat but making it this far shows how committed you are to the success of the business. The least we can do is point you in the right direction with the necessary barbershop supplies.

In all honesty, it’ll be impossible to cover all the necessary barbershop supplies in one post. However, supplies discussed are what sets a barbershop from any other business.


What’s a barbershop without clippers? Probably a room full of males talking and arguing about stuff. Clippers are your equipment. They’re what surgical knives are to a surgeon in the OR. Clippers come in different types but often range from cordless to detailed trimmers. As an important equipment to the business, ensure you buy quality brands that function properly and are durable.

You should also have a spare, as a backup in case anything happens to the main clipper. The number of clippers to start with, depends on the budget and number of booths available.

Combs and brushes

To accommodate different clients and hairstyles, you’ll need different sizes of combs and brushes. Combs and brushes compliment clippers as they go hand-in-hand. They’re usually not expensive, so you should be able to invest in a couple of them.

Cape and Cape seals

They may not turn your clients into superheroes but they protect their clothes and keep them neat during haircuts. Cape seals are an additional feature that help seal and opening on the top of the cape and the client’s neck. They ensure those stubborn tiny hairs do not sneak underneath the cape. Both of them provide maximum comfort to the customer.


Mirrors are important to let the client follow through and appreciate the end result of the haircut. They are an important feature of barbershops. The shape and size would depend on the shop size and interior décor. You could choose to have a full wall of mirrors or choose to have separate mirrors for each hair booth.


Clients are not expected to stand when having a haircut. You’ll need to provide a comfortable chair that keeps them relaxed. The chair should also allow for easy access to every part of the hair. Do not compromise comfort for accessibility.

Hair and beard products

A barbershop is much more than a place for haircuts. The way you treat and care for your client’s hairs and beards goes a long way to show how much they can trust you. Hair serum and beard balms can help improve growth and protect the beard and hair’s texture and thickness.


As a new barbershop owner or if you’re looking to upgrade your existing shop, things can get overwhelming when you don’t know which items are important. The post highlights some of the important items you’ll need in the shop. To keep the shop comfortable and welcoming, you can invest in a bit of interior décor to set the shop apart from the others.

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