Four hair closures all women should know

by Margaret

If you are looking to protect your natural hair or want to try something else, the closure wigs would be your to-go style. Bundles with closure offer an easy time to style, and everything seems natural. Many women have opted for these enclosure wigs, making the installation and techniques of these enhancements advance with time.

If you are a beginner looking to reveal the natural-looking part with the hair enclosures, you need to know the types of enclosures that exist in the market. As such, you will be able to choose the hair enclosure that will typically protect your natural hair from manipulation and damage. The closures vary depending on the types of parts, colors, sizes, hair types, and textures. Here are the major types of closure wigs.

Lace closure

The lace closures are small in size that estimates to be 4×4. They come in a circular shape while the hair is attached to the lace. The installation process of the lace closure is straightforward. You only need to place the closure on top of the head so that it can have a natural appearance – which is the vital thing. When you wear the lace closure on your head, it offers the option to cover the natural hair entirely. The parts that you expect on the lace closure include the middle part, three-part, and the free part. Each part is styled differently depending on your preference. However, the free part closure is highly recommended.

The lace frontal

The lace frontal, also known as lace front closure, is a lace that stretches from ear to ear and has air attached along the stretch. If you want to create a hairline around your head from one ear to another, the lace frontal could be the recommended option to take. The lace frontals appear to be bigger than the lace closures and are estimated to be 13 x 4 in size. The lace frontals are preferable because they generate a natural look and are also versatile. Unlike the lace closures, you can style the lace frontals differently depending on your creativity, and they don’t provide styling limitations.

Silk base closure

As the name suggests, this type of closure is made up of a silk material reinforced with lace and contains embedded hair strands. The silk base closure comes in a small size estimation of 4 x4, but they tend to last longer than the lace enclosures. However, the silk base closure doesn’t lay flat like the lace closures, but it can offer a natural look.

The 360 frontal closures

The 360 frontal closures tend to offer more versatility than other types because you can rock any style you want. The hair is attached to the lace hairband that recreates a complete hairline around your head. The 360 lace surrounds your head from the front to back and all sides and provides a natural appearance like natural hair. The 360 frontal closure is recommended for ladies who love to style their hair in a ponytail because the closure prevents the natural hair from looking shaggy.

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