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Many times traders have lost their money or else their goods due to misunderstanding basic policies concerning the shipping and return policies. This article aims to keep you informed about the expectations of the shipping and the refund policy from You will be able to purchase ship your cheap wigs and in the event of a refund, you will know what to do.

Shipping Policy will give the most convenient shipping services across the world. has remained the most world preferred supplier of hair wigs across the world due to its efficient shipping policy. The following are the details you should take note of before you process your shipping. does 24hrs shipping services including weekends and holidays because they want you to receive your goods as fast as possible so that you can start experiencing the value of your money.

Different countries have different delivery time frames and shipping methods as described below,

 US /CA, the shipment method used is the DHL / FedEx/USPS/UPS shipping services. The time range is 3-5 working days.

European countries/regions, uses DHL/TNT shipment services. They take a time range of 5-7 days.

Africa /regions DHL/DPEX shipping services are used taking a time range of 10-12 days.

Buyer Shipment obligations

The buyer is obligated to incur the costs incurred upon the following instances;

  1. The buyer will have to incur the payments made to the customs clearance officials by the shipment company.
  2. If the buyer changes the address the charges incurred will be due to him/her
  3. The buyer incurs the cost as a result of the cancellation, return or refusal of the package.

Shipment confirmation and tracking

Whenever you buy a product you will always want to keep track of it and every development that arises until the product is in your hands. will always ensure you are at ease knowing where your hair wigs are through some links provided to you via your email having your tracking number. Some of these tracking links include;





In most cases, delivery is done on weekdays and therefore it is advisable to give an address that will be readily available during the weekend to receive your shipment efficiently. Some shipment companies will require your signature upon the receipt of your package. To avoid theft ensure that you are available for the reception of the goods or your authorized personnel’s otherwise will not cover such cases.

In case the goods are damaged on transit, you are advised to take a photo and email [email protected] for after-sale services.

Return & refund Policy

If for your reasons you choose to return the hair, without any quality disputes, you will be required to write an email within 15 days with your order number return entitled. Do not tamper with the hair and you will be given a return address. In this case, you will have to incur the shipment fee.

In case it is an issue with the quality you are required to send an email with your order number entitled if the order received had quality problems such as wrong colour, wrong style and so on. It will be more appealing if you present a photo of the packing box containing the shipping information and those you received in the email. You will receive guidance from upon confirming your problem.

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