Vital Parts of the Swords of the Samurai Swordsman

by Margaret

Handmade samurai swords are a very vital part of human history. Although swords are no longer really essential in today’s society, they are still really appreciated. This is especially the case when sword and history enthusiasts are involved. Yes, swords are more than just weapons of violence and war. They served as necessary items in inquiring food via hunting (in close quarters). Swords and spear were used but we will be focusing on swords. Swords are as aesthetically pleasing as they were vital. For this article, we will focus on the role of swords in the era of feudal Japan. But first thing first, let us talk about the samurai swordsman himself. A handmade sword expert of his time.

The Typical Samurai Swordsman and his Sword

The full body armor of the finest quality Japanese steel is one of the qualities of the early samurai. However, swords were even more important at the time. It is believed by some that, at the time some expert swordsmen could slice through armors of steel. A samurai swordsman believed that his sword was his companion. A companion that should never be abandoned. Fun fact, some even chose to go to bed with their swords at their sides.

Thy typical samurai warrior made use of swords that were composed of three major parts. The parts included:

1. The handle: designed to be comfortable to the grip, yet provide as much friction as possible. This is to ensure that under no circumstances would the sword slip from the grip of the samurai swordsman. The handle of the samurai sword wielded by a samurai swordsman was usually made of wood. The wooden frame would then be wrapped with a lighter material (the Same).

2. The blade: Forged to be strong and flexible at the same time. It sounds a bit contradictory but it makes perfect sense. Make a sword too flexible, it losses a bit of its edge and it becomes too easy to break. On the other hand, if you make it too rigid, it equally breaks easily once subjected to a certain amount of force. Now the key to samurai sword making was to thread the fine line in between hard and soft.

3. The tsuba: this could be referred to as the guard. It served to help the samurai swordsman get a good grip without worrying about cutting his hand accidentally. The tsuba separated the blade from the handle. It would be kind of pathetic if in the middle of a fight the samurai’s hand slides forward and he cuts himself. It does not create a cool mental picture, hence the importance of the tsuba.

The Role of the Swords to a Samurai Swordsman
This does not need much discussion. Whether for the sake of battles, protection, or even as a form of identification, swords were vital. Not to mention that some swords were an irrefutable part of the samurai culture.


As a samurai swordsman, a sword should be your best friend. It would be quite sad if swords were gone. Fortunately, you could order your very own handmade samurai sword today.

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