How to Make A Parking Lot Unique

by Margaret

Quality parking in a parking lot is one very important need, yet it’s greatly overlooked. Constructors tend to overlook a lot of details, especially pole lighting outdoor.  When parking lots are well constructed and well lit, businesses and organizations can achieve major goals while allowing customers the freedom to park their vehicles comfortably without stress, fear of criminal activities, or accidents.

As a business owner, there are little details that you need to take notice of, especially when it comes to lighting. You must know commercial parking lot light pole packages that can help provide light to the lot and make the place aesthetically appealing.

Without further ado, let’s expatiate on ways you can make a parking lot very unique

How To Make Your Parking Lot and pole lighting outdoor Unique

There are tiny details that every business owner must consider when revamping a parking lot.

1. What is the lot for?
Sadly, lots of business owners have a general mindset of what a parking lot should be, and it’s wrong.

Knowing the purpose of a parking lot starts by knowing what your business does. A parking lot for a university will not be the same as a parking lot for a restaurant and will certainly not be the same for a gas station.

2. Take care of the pole lighting outdoors
There’s an old saying that goes, “If your business isn’t making sales, check your service delivery. If you still find nothing, check your lighting”

This refers to creating an aesthetically pleasing business environment, but let’s look at it literally. Any form of pole lighting outdoor creates a sense of security and safety. People avoid parking lots that are dark and disorganized because they can be breeding grounds for accidents and criminal activities to thrive.

The question now is, how many is enough? This is one thing that starters have to deal with.  

The truth is, there is no definite amount. Different types and number of lights work for 2 LED lights per pole are recommended. For brighter lighting, you can go for 4 LED lights per pole. You can other do cross over lighting. It’s very beautiful. But you have to reduce the number of lumens for better output.

When you properly define what the parking lot is for, then you can find creative ways for the pole lighting outdoor.

3. Landscaping
An outdoor parking lot shouldn’t be bare because it’s outdoors!

Landscaping is a great way to make your parking lot very attractive, and shield it a bit from passersby at night. Make great use of the flowers.

4. Emergency Call Stations
People would want to walk through your parking lot when they know that they’re secure and safe, and who wouldn’t be when they see an emergency call station?

One of the best ways to ensure safety and security for your customers is to get emergency call stationed positioned at strategic places.

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