The Best Mirror Cabinet for Small Bathrooms

by Margaret

For a bathroom with limited space, an LED mirror cabinet bathroom is a great solution for your storage needs.

You may think that choosing a bathroom mirror cabinet is easy but the latest models come in different styles, sizes, and even high-tech features.

Here is a guide on what you should consider when you are in the market for a bathroom mirror cabinet:


Before you check what is available in the market, make sure you measure your wall space first to make sure the mirror cabinet will fit. You also have to consider how many products you need to store. If you do not use much, you can go for the slim cabinets but if you use a lot, you might consider the large and bulky ones. They may not be as pleasing to the eye as the slim and sleek ones but they do provide you the storage space that you badly need.

Style and theme

If you have a traditional bathroom, a high-tech led bathroom cabinet may not be a good fit. This model is best for contemporary, modern, and minimalist themed bathrooms. However, that does not mean you should miss out on the fun. Try to get a led bathroom cabinet with a simple white frame that lights up without the other high-tech features. That could be more in tune with a traditional bathroom.


For lighted mirrors, you need to also consider how much light you want. You can choose something low-key with just soft LED lights. You can also choose something vibrant to give you the effect of a Hollywood dressing room.

Check out the modern and high-tech models

The latest models come with features such as demister pads that will prevent your mirror from fogging up, electric sockets for your styling tools, Bluetooth speakers so you can play music, a digital clock display, and even infra-red sensors that turn on the LED lights with just a sweep of the hand.


If you get a simple mirror cabinet with just LED lights, you can definitely do a DIY job on the installation process. This type of bathroom mirror cabinet is more convenient for those who are just renting. However, if you get the high-tech ones like the ones with sockets, they need a power source. You may want to hire an expert to install that. This is advisable if you own the house you stay in. However, if you are renting and you still want this high-tech mirror, make sure you ask permission from your landlord first.

You can find these LED mirror cabinets online and in your local stores. If you are unable to find a good fit or style, you can even have them custom made for an affordable price.

With an LED mirror cabinet bathroom, your tiny space will definitely look neater and wider because there will be less clutter around. You no longer have to feel embarrassed when a house guest needs to use your bathroom and you will be able to enjoy your bathroom more.


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