How to use an air hose reel for pressure washer

by Margaret

Hose reels are a valuable addition to one’s garden or garage equipment as they help to prevent hoses from easily wearing out. And if you use hoses often or you have a pressure washer for getting off tough dirt, mud, or grime off surfaces, then there is even greater need for a reel. While many usually use water hoses for their pressure washers, using an air hose absolutely works too. In fact, they tend to last longer than water hoses especially when they are properly maintained. To use an air hose reel for this requires a few straightforward steps, highlighted below.

What you need to convert your air hose into a pressure washer

To get your air hose reel running as a pressure washer, all you need are a regular garden hose, air compressor, and an air pressure attachment.

6 steps for using an air hose reel for pressure washer

Step 1 – Creating the right pressure buildup

To do this, switch on the air compressor and regulate the pressure gauge on the air compressor, ensuring the pressure level is above 30 PSI (Pounds per Square Inch).

Step 2 – Fixing the garden hose

After building pressure, the next step is to connect the hose to a faucet.

Step 3 – Connecting the hose to the waterline

In this step, connect the other end, usually a threaded gun connector, to the water supply line.

Step 4 – Plugging the hose into the airline connector

Next, push the connector that is on the end of the hose into the attachment nipple. You should do this until it makes a popping sound.

Step 5 – Getting water to flow

Allow water to flow through the hose by turning the faucet on.

Step 6 – Beginning pressure spraying

Now, power spray the intended area by directing the attachment to the desired surface and pulling the trigger.

Bonus – Increasing the Pounds per Square Inch (PSI) pressure

PSI readings on your air compressor will decrease as you continue to use the compressor. So, to boost it back up and maintain effective usage, you would need to recharge the compressor as needed. This is necessary to build the required pressure for delivering the right volume and pressure of water when spraying.


Pressure washers are typically linked to a water source with garden hoses. To skip the DIY process, a great option is to shop electric pressure washers at However, if you would rather create one yourself and wish to increase water pressure with a more watertight alternative, then you might need a switch to an air hose. Simply using a pressure washer attachment with the steps outlined in this article will help you make the transition. Note that for your air hoses, you might either get a storage reel (these stores your hose when it is not in use) or a continuous flow reel (which are great for hose usage without unwinding the hose). Either of these would make access to your air hose more convenient and keep it in good condition. Eventually, your garden conditions will get better.

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