What type of pressure washer should you use?

by Margaret

The usefulness of Pressure washers cannot be emphasized enough. As a result, it can be somewhat confusing to know whether to go for an electric or gas wall-mounted pressure washer when considering making a purchase.

Although electric and gas pressure washers possess similar parts and perform the same function. However, some distinguishing factors differentiate them from one another.

Differences between electric and gas Pressure washers

One might even consider those factors as an advantage over the other, although this is solely dependent on the cleaning task.

· Pound per square inch (Psi)

A major difference between these two pressure washers is their (Psi) level. Psi is the force at which a pressure washer pumps out water.

Generally, when it comes to cleaning, it is a fact that the pressure at which the spray gun disperses water determines how clean the surface would be.

So when picking out a pressure washer, it is important to note that most electric pressure washers are only capable of pumping out water at about 500 to 2000 Psi, which makes them a lot more suitable for less rigorous cleaning.

On the other hand, gas pressure washers can handle about 2500 to 4000 Psi, which guarantees a whole lot more pressure compared to their counterparts. Making it easier for them to perform rather difficult cleaning operations.

· Pricing

Typically acquiring an electric Pressure washer is more affordable compared to a gas pressure washer. However, in the long run, gas pressure washers have proven to be more capable of withstanding the test of time and can handle cleaning tasks that can be a bit challenging for electric pressure washers

· Weight and mobility

When it comes to mobility, the electric pressure washers are at an advantage.

Since they weigh a lot less than gas pressure washers, they can be transported and stored with a little more ease.

· Noise generation

When compared to electric pressure washers, gas pressure washers tend to be on the noisy side when in use.

As such, people who prefer to work under quiet conditions should go for an electric pressure washer instead.

· Continuous cost of operation

Owning an electric pressure washer eliminates the need for constantly purchasing gas when you have to do some cleaning.

All it requires is that you connect it to a steady and safe power source, then you are free to clean as much as you want to.

Is an Electric Pressure Washer safer than a Gas Pressure Washer?

When it comes to which of the two is environmentally friendly, the electric pressure washer takes the cake.

Anyone can use an electric pressure washer as it does not release harmful gas residue that can be detrimental to the health of certain individuals with breathing or lung-related illnesses such as asthma.

Is a Gas Pressure Washer better than an Electrical one?

On the contrary. It all depends on the purpose an individual has in mind. For instance, if a person needs a pressure washer for simple household cleaning.

Such as furniture, vehicles, and other minor cleaning tasks, it would be more reasonable to purchase an electric pressure washer, as purchasing a gas-powered pressure washer would be a bit too much.


As stated earlier, choosing a pressure washer is entirely dependent on the purpose it is intended for. Therefore if you feel an electric pressure washer should suffice for your cleaning activities, then go right ahead and purchase one.

However, if you need one for industrial or commercial use, whereby items or objects might be tougher to clean then you’ll need to purchase a gas pressure washer.

If you can’t afford it at the moment, you might have to hold off on the idea until you actually can.

You shouldn’t purchase a pressure washer simply because it is affordable, otherwise, it might not be able to handle the kind of cleaning you purchased it for.

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