Holding the pool stick- Basic details you should know

by Margaret

We just love the game of pool. However, nothing decides how the game better than your pool stick. For this reason, learning how to hold a pool stick is crucial to your chances. While most people seem to have figured this out, their grip technique seems to fall them.

Is that how you feel? If you feel that way, then you are in the right place. In this article, we’re going to discuss the basic things that can throw your technique out of the window. Trust me, you certainly do not want to experience that.

If you are ready for this, let’s dive in!

Perfecting your grip

Perfecting your grip means that you hold your pool cue perfectly. To achieve this, several things ought to be done.

1.The Basics

The first thing you have to do is to master the basics. To get a much better grip, make sure your pool cue is in your dominant hand. Also, make sure it’s firmly positioned at the hip level. The tendency to keep your grip and too fixed is always there if you are starting out.

Instead of doing that, keep your arms relaxed. Also, make sure the stick is held with your thumb and index finger. Some people tend to add the middle finger to the equation. It increases the power available to you.

2.Getting ready to shoot

Once you have gotten your position right, the next step is to get yourself ready to shoot. To do this, you’d need to lean towards the table. The aim here is for you to actually be staring down at the cue ball through the straight line of the pool stick.

To get the best outcome, your body really needs to be relaxed. That’s what you can achieve when you lean close to the pool stick.

3.The art of shooting

Before you take the shot, you should make a bridge with your hands. Make sure you know exactly where you want the ball to land.

If you are a new player or a rookie, this might not be the best time to focus on hitting the ball at its sweet spot. Focus more on hitting the ball first. Once that has been handled, then you can take your technique to the next level.

Other things worthy of note

To get your technique right, there are other things you might also want to consider. One of them will be the type of pool stick you are actually using. You have to consider if it matches up to your intent for playing and your traveling purposes.

Getting the right pool stick is almost as important as learning how to hold it.

Final Thoughts

So there you go! Learning how to hold and shoot with your pool stick might seem difficult at first. You might even feel that you may never get to handle the whole shooting process. However, with a little bit of work and the tips above, you should have everything under control.

We know you have what it takes.

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