Backpack Necessities for College Students

by Margaret

College students are probably the biggest demography of backpack users globally. Most students leave the dorm and only return once after classes late in the evening. Of course, few get back in between classes to grab a snack or take a nap. Either way, a backpack is usually the content carrier for everything that might be needed before getting back to the room. Books, laptops, snacks, headphones, etc. are some of the most ordinary contents of a college student’s bag. Multi-pocket backpacks won’t have you wondering where you left your water bottle.

Let’s find out other must-have backpack items for a student. I will segment them in categories as follows:

1. Technology-related items

A laptop– the library may not always be open, so what do you do if you have to do research? Get a laptop. You could also use it during classes, depending on your major.

Laptop charger– well, you don’t want to be stranded with a dead laptop when your dorm is a mile away.

A phone and its charger– your phone will help you know your next class venue and is also a means of communicating with family and friends.

Calculators– unless you’re a genius, you will need a calculator for your accounting or math class.

Camera– you’re into photography or want to shoot a YouTube video with your friends on campus? Don’t forget your camera. After all, some of the most beautiful photographs are random and not planned prior.

Headphones– how do you plan on getting through the mile-trek from dorm to class alone? Headphones will prove useful.

2. Stationery

Textbooks– you may need to carry your readers with you, depending on your major.

Planner-a planner helps you stay organized and manage all your responsibilities without forgetting one.

Pens/pencils/highlighters– come in handy when you have to jot down points during classes.

3. Food

Snacks-The transition between two classes may leave you a little famished. That’s when you’ll reach for the crackers you hurriedly tossed in your backpack before dashing to class.

Water– you can’t drink from every source, literally. You’re better off carrying your water. Stay hydrated always

4. Cosmetics

Lip balm – chapped lips will never get praise. You have to balm up at all times.

Hand lotion– if you hate crusty, ashy hands as I do, be sure to keep some hand lotion on you at all times.

5. No germs please!

Hand sanitizer

Hand sanitizers are more essential today than ever. Shaking hands, touching desks, etc. you’re bound to pick up germs. Protect yourself and get a pocket-size hand sanitizer.

Pocket tissue– what do you do when your desk is dusty or when you spill a drink when having brunch at the cafeteria, or when your forehead is getting moist from all the heat? The answer is pocket tissue!

6. Weather

Sunglasses-not only are they stylish but also, they protect your eyes from the hot

Umbrella- the weather might look promising, but sometimes the rain comes out of nowhere. Don’t let your new hairstyle get ruined by a 6-minute downpour. An umbrella is a must-have in your student backpack.

7. Health and sanitation

Tampons/Pads-Ladies! Do not even forget to at least carry a piece with you! You may never know the time nor the hour. Always stay ready

Inhaler– if you are asthmatic or have any related respiratory disease, you can’t afford to have your inhaler always.

Final Thoughts

If you’re about to join college, then the above list will give you some ideas on what to keep on you at all times. If you are already one, then you might want to touch upon a place or two. It is also important to note that all the above items can fit a multi-pocket backpack at once!

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