Mastering Puppy Potty Training Like a Pro

by Margaret

Are you planning to potty training your new puppy? Ideally, you have a few options. You can train your dog to relieve itself outdoors or indoors. It is vital to understand all puppy potty training options you have. In this way, you will understand the best option for you.

Puppy Potty Training Outdoors

Remember that your puppy cannot tell you when it wants to relieve itself. Well, unless you have trained it. This is where potty cues come into rescue. With potty cues, your dog can send a signal that it wants to go outdoors. As a result, the dog will associate peeing with being outside. These are the steps you should follow.

Teach Your Dog Potty Cues

It is advisable to have the dog at the back door. Whenever it barks, you should open the door and allow it to get outside. Instead of teaching it to bark, you can also use a bell. As a result, whenever you ring the bell, the door should be opened, and your dog gets outside. Avoid leaving the dog outdoors when it is done with its business. Otherwise, it will associate the cue with playing outside other than potty time.

Choose a Potty Area

Maybe you taught your dog to bark whenever it is time to relieve itself. You can put the puppy on a leash and have it walk to the yard where it should relieve itself. Whenever it does this, you should reward with verbal praise or food treats. In this way, your dog will associate relieving itself outdoors as a great experience. You can do this several times until your puppy learns.

Use a Crate

However, you may not always be at home to let your puppy relieve itself. If your pet is confined in a given area, you should consider using a crate. In this way, you can limit accidents in the living room and bedroom.

Puppy Potty Training Indoors

Maybe you reside in an apartment without a yard. In such a case, you should consider puppy potty training indoors. After this, you can change to outdoors when you get an opportunity. You have to ensure your dog relieves itself in the right place. These are some tips to help You.

Potty Train On Pads

It is advisable to determine the confined area to start potty training your dog. You can use the laundry room or the bathroom. In this case, you should select an area that is easy to clean. No matter the area you choose, ensure it is puppy-proofed, and there are no harmful products nearby. You should then cover the floor with dog pee pads.

Crate Potty Training

Remember that the dog requires adequate space to lie down, turn around, and stand up. However, if the room is quite large, then your dog may end up relieving itself in one corner and then rest on another. Always reward your dog everything it uses the crate properly.

You should note that there is no specific timeframe for puppy potty training. That is because several factors come into play, and consistency is the most important. Ensure you reward your dog accordingly.

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