Guide to TV Wall Mounting for Beginners

by Margaret

Mounting a large TV screen on the wall adds a great finishing look to any given living room. Without the TV table, you can have extra space in your living room. Your TV will be looking modern and classy. Other than wall mount for TV being useful in your living room, it helps save space and provides a great look.

Benefits of TV Wall Mounting

There are different reasons you should consider mounting your TV onto the wall. For instance, you can be sure that your TV cannot be knocked over. This is important for households with pets and small children. It also means you efficiently use the space available in your living room. You can match the viewing height and angle to suit your needs.

Ensure you get the right wall mount to ensure your TV does not fall off. Other than space-saving benefits, there are many other benefits you can enjoy. Remember that there are different wall mounts on the market. By mounting the TV, you can be assured of a great viewing experience no matter where you are in the living room.

Mounting Your TV

When mounting your TV, there are different factors you ought to consider. First, you need to determine whether your television is designed for hanging. That is the case with modern models. Ensure you read the TV manually. You can gather a lot of information about the screws to use and where to use them.

Before Mounting

Ensure you select wall mount with appropriate side locks. These are needed to prevent the television from falling out. When you install the TV on the wall, you can check if the wall can bear the adequate load for your television. Remember that some walls are not recommended since the TV load can be too heavy for them. Also, check the dowels and screws to ensure they match the wall. In fact, they ought to ensure adequate stability.

Choose Right TV Wall Mount

When purchasing the TV wall mount, you need to ensure it meets certain requirements. For example, there are models that provide practical functionality like the ability to tilt the TV. In fact, there are even mounts that allow you to tilt your TV by using a remote. As a result, you can watch your TV comfortably from your dining area or the couch.

Purchasing a TV

When buying a TV, there is a need to consider different extras. This is necessary to ensure you avoid unnecessary expenses when mounting. Even when you find the ideal TV wall bracket, you must find the best hanging position.

Positioning Your TV

It is advisable to leave adequate space from the ceiling. Remember that your TV generates some heat upwards. Thus, if there is no adequate space between the TV and ceiling, then your television is likely to overheat. Moreover, the back of your TV ought to have adequate space between the TV and the wall.

Hide Messy Cables

When you complete hanging your TV, you want to ensure all messy cables are hidden. If you do not hide the unsightly cables, the picture quality can be tampered with.

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