Choosing the best pressure washer nozzle force for your cleaning

by Margaret

When you are thinking of washing anything, a pressure washer is always a good consideration. When you want to clean anything at all, your pressure washer will come through. From things as fragile as windows to tough surfaces like asphalt, a pressure washer is a versatile machine. Pressure washers are only amazing because of their different parts playing individual roles that combine to deliver an amazing machine. However, we tend to overlook the parts of the pressure washer and focus on the ease of using it. The truth is at your first glance of a pressure washer, you may consider it to be a complicated machine because it has just too many parts. However, when you start using the machine, you will be shocked at how 3asy it is to use. All you need to know how to do is use the nozzle and direct it at the surface you are washing.

The only problem that may come with a pressure washer is the setup. You need to understand how it works to set the device up. Basically, the working process of the pressure washer is as simple as pumping water and cleaning with that water. The pump is inside the device, so the only problems are how to get water in and out of the device. For both processes, you can use a hose. However, the hose quality can not be the same. For the water entering into the pressure washer, you do not need the most complex hose. But for the water to leave, it has to be a high-pressure hose. That is because the water will be coming at a higher pressure. However, another thing to consider is the pressure washer nozzle. When the water comes out through the high-pressure hose, it has to connect to the nozzle. The nozzle of a pressure washer is highly underrated, but in reality, it ought to be one of the most important. The nozzle determines the force that will reach the surface you are cleaning. Luckily, nozzles come in different colors to indicate their intensity. In this guide, we will go over the different nozzle colors, so you can decide the best for your cleaning.

Green colour nozzle

This nozzle is a great option if you are cleaning your car. The nozzle releases water at 25 degrees, ensuring that your car and windows do not damage. The intensity of the water is strong enough to remove tough stains from the vehicle, and at the same time, it is gentle enough to clean the windows without any damage.

White Nozzle

White nozzles are a gentler type of nozzles for washing and cleaning anything. It releases the pressured water at 40 degrees. It is also a suitable option if you will be cleaning delicate items in the home.

Black nozzle

Black nozzles, as against what most people assume is the most gentle of all nozzles. These nozzles are best used for rinsing and cleaning very delicate items. If you have seen someone use a pressure washer on a flower, then they are most likely using a black nozzle. The nozzle reduces the pressure of the water, ensuring that nothing is damaged.


The yellow and red nozzles are the most bizarre nozzle options. They release water at fifteen degrees and zero degrees respectively. These nozzles should be used only when you are cleaning something very complex and strong.

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